- The Market -

At Belvedere Square’s market, we offer everything from soup to nuts – literally!

As the centerpiece of Belvedere Square, our newly refurbished gourmet market is a “foodie’s” paradise. Where fresh, organic meats and shimmering seafood are stalls away from just-picked produce and gourmet pastries. Exotic nuts, cheeses, soups, sweets and other specialty items also draw regular visitors.

Considered the heart of Belvedere Square, the fragrant gourmet market plays host to the region’s top food merchants, offering a sensory-filled opportunity to turn even the simplest of meals into an occasion. Each day a collection of gourmet items and ingredients are sold – farm and ocean fresh and direct from our safest and most well-attended orchards, dairies and gardens.
Belvedere Square Market: the essence of farm to table.