How Does Curbside Pick Up Work?

Belvedere Square has designated 5 parking spaces for patrons who are picking up orders. These spots are for 10-minute, short-term, parking.

In addition, we have designated specific doors for curbside pick up from each restaurant (Please note that the door allocation is for Market tenants only. All non-market tenants pick up will be at their locations). Please see the map below or look for each restaurant's information below to see hours, order & pick up instructions and designated locations.

Belvedere Square marketplace map for tenant locations and curbside pickup options during COVID-19.

Which Tenants are Participating in CurbSide Pick up?

Logo of Atwater's in Belvedere Square Market
Logo of Ejji Ramen located in Belvedere Square
Logo of Grand Cru, a wine shop and restaurant located in Belvedere Square
Logo of Greg's Bagels, with slogan "Baltimore's Best" located in Belvedere Square
Logo of Mason's Famous Lobster Rolls located in Belvedere Square
Logo of Neopol, with slogan "savory and smokery" located in Belvedere Square
Logo for The Pizza Trust, a restaurant located at Belvedere Square in Baltimore, Maryland.
Logo of Sofi's Crepes, a chain of crepe restaurants across Maryland. This specific logo is for their Belvedere Square location.

Which Tenants are Offering Updated Services?

Logo of Baltimore Bicycle Works, a bike repair shop located at Belvedere Square in Baltimore, Maryland.
Logo for Charm City Hemp, a premium CBD business for Baltimore residents in Belvedere Square.
Logo of Dutch Floral Garden, a tenant specializing in floral arrangements and gifts in Belvedere Square.
Logo for Pure Chocolate by Jinji, a place for handcrafted chocolates in Belvedere Square Market.
Logo for The Mandala Center, a holistic health and wellness center located at Belvedere Square.

Which Tenants Are Operating Under Normal Business Hours?

Logo for Multi-Specialty Healthcare, a healthcare tenant at Belvedere Square in Baltimore Maryland.
Logo for Suntrust Bank located in Belvedere Square Market.