Logo for Atwater's Food, a coffee shop, bakery and restaurant located at Belvedere Square.

529 E. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21212


Monday-Saturday: 8am-7pm

Sunday: 8am-5pm

Available for curbside pickup and GrubHub delivery services as well.


November 24th

December 25th

January 1st



Fresh baked bread, hearty soups & sandwiches

Since 1999 Atwater’s has been making traditional food crafted by hand. We began in a small bakery making only one kind of bread and grew to our current Baltimore shops that specialize in soup, sandwiches, salad, cheese, coffee, scottish pies, jam, and more! As we continue to grow, our commitment to quality food and service remains the same. You can find our fine foods at our locations and markets across the Baltimore-Washington area.

Atwater’s is made up of three parts at the Belvedere Square. The hand shaped – hearth baked breads and pastries are made from scratch in the Market. The breads are made without sugar or fats using traditional methods and ingredients. Walnut-cumin, kalamata olive, cherry pecan, and peasant wheat are just a few of the varieties they produce daily.

Homemade hearty soups made with real soup stocks and gourmet sandwiches are served to go or to eat in at the Ploughboy soup bar. Lastly, explore their artisan cheeses and assortment of wonderful accompaniments.

Fresh local milk from Frederick is delivered to the Market twice weekly too. Atwaters strives to use in season and locally grown food to create all of their menu items.