Loyola Clinical Center

Loyola Clinical Center

Transparent logo for Loyola Clinical Centers located at Belvedere Square.

5911 York Road, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21212


Temporarily closed for COVID-19. Upon reopening, we will resume normal hours listed below in accordance with state mandates:

Monday – Thursday
8:30AM – 7PM
8:30AM – 5PM

Loyola Clinical Center

State-of-the-art facilities and treatment

The Loyola Clinical Centers provides state-of-the-art facilities and treatment for people experiencing difficulties in the areas of psychology, pastoral counseling, literacy, hearing, speech, and language. The Centers operates from three locations: Loyola Clinical Centers Belvedere Square and Loyola/Notre Dame Library in Baltimore City, and Loyola’s Columbia Graduate Center in Columbia, Howard County. Some services are also provided off-site through partnerships with schools and community agencies.

From these locations, the Loyola Clinical Centers is devoted to wellness in every aspect—from wellness of an individual or a family, to wellness of the community as a whole. Operating under the auspices of Loyola University Maryland, the Clinical Centers serve a dual function: to provide hands-on clinical training to Loyola graduate students, and to supply affordable, quality care to underserved members of the greater Baltimore community. The collaboration between community, students, and expert clinicians at the Loyola Clinical Centers shows that integrated care is truly a benefit for everyone.