Mason’s Lobster Rolls

Mason’s Lobster Rolls


540 E. Belvedere Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21212


Monday – Saturday:
11am – 8:00pm

11am -5pm


Available through curbside pickup and delivery through GrubHub or PostMates.



November 24th

Mason’s Lobster Rolls

Where We Re-Maine true

You know how the best things in life are the most simple? Think about it—making a friend laugh. Catching the tail end of a sunset. A picnic blanket.

Today, these authentic, genuine moments are increasingly hard to come by. Our world has become so complex, noisy and fast-paced—those beautiful moments of solace can be elusive.

Working 20 years as a seafood buyer in the restaurant business, Dan Beck always loved lobster. In his never-ending quest for quality seafood, he visited Maine and became inspired by the lobstermen there. Their ethos, their lifestyle. Tradition has taught them a thing or two about how to respect Maine’s waters and all that it inhabits—by keeping things simple and true.

Hauled right from the seas, the lobsters are immediately brought to modest, family-run coast-side facilities, where they are cooked over an open fire and prepared with care. Purely. Modestly. It is as though time stands still there—a beautiful pocket of the world unreliant on technology and trends. It works. Always has.

The result? Unparalleled. A lobster roll with flavor that no commercial entity could ever replicate. But it’s more than just a great taste—it’s an experience that summons a bygone era where life was more straightforward and meaningful. No emails, no “always on” media, no jam-packed schedule. It’s simple. Honest. It’s beautiful that way.

The idea hit us between the eyes. What if we brought a bit of Maine culture to other parts of the country? What if we opened a restaurant that champions this lobster roll experience? Give people a reason to pause—even for a moment—and nourish their stomachs and souls on good, wholesome food in a casual setting?

This is Mason’s Famous Lobster RollsTM. From the ground up, Mason’s is designed with simplicity at our core—an homage to the Maine culture and tradition we so love and respect. No bells, no whistles, no pretention. Just fresh lobster prepared with care, with simple ingredients, Maine style.

Since we opened in 2014, we’ve been humbled by the response. Our flagship shop on Main Street in Annapolis MD, has enjoyed a happy stream of regulars and new converts roll in daily. The press likes to cover us and there’s just no shortage of awesome customer reviews.

It kind of goes to show that simple really is beautiful—let’s re-Maine true, friends. Come and join us.