Pure Chocolate by Jinji

Pure Chocolate by Jinji

Transparent logo for Pure Chocolate by Jinji, a tenant at Belvedere Square that makes handcrafted chocolate.

529 E. Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21212


Monday – Tuesday:

Wednesday – Saturday:
11am – 6pm

11am – 5pm


November 23rd
11am – 5pm

November 24th

December 24th
11am – 5pm

December 25th

December 31st
11am – 5pm

January 1st

Pure Chocolate by Jinji

Storied Flavors, Responsibly Sourced, Handcrafted

Pure chocolate by Jinji was founded in 2012 by Jinji Fraser, and her father, Guy. Since the beginning, the priority has been maintaining a high level of sensitivity to the farmers who grow & harvest the cacao, and to the earth that yields the fruits. Along with local, seasonally selected ingredients, the chocolates also pay tribute to the ancient art of storytelling, creating rich flavor profiles that are both complex and memorable. In order to preserve the integrity of the chocolates, they are each handcrafted, and free from dairy, gluten and all refined sugars.

Today, you can find a full selection of Jinji chocolates at their retail shop at Belvedere Square Market, to include pralines, barks, fudges, truffles and many more novelty creations. Jinji chocolates are also available in limited supply at area restaurants, grocers and cafes.

Cacao Crossings – Our Raw Chocolate Subscription Program

We’re going to travel the world, to places near and far focusing on the sacred story of cacao. We will harvest stories, ingredients, processes and recipes, then harness all we’ve gathered into an exclusive box of chocolates for you. It’s always been our intention to use our chocolates to tell stories, and now it will serve as a vehicle to tell our Collective story.

Each month you can expect an inspired box of chocolates, unlike any other, very specific to the region traveled in both story and flavor. Accompaniments can include written and photographic accounts of the flavor development process.

Enrollment for Cacao Crossings is rolling, from October to May and shipping is Nationwide. To sign up for the next edition, simply click here.